Common Grounds

The Common Grounds Committee is responsible for maintaining all common areas of the community. They meet as-needed to arrange general improvements/maintenance. The CGC is also responsible for communicating to the landscaping company on your behalf for lawn care and sprinkler system turn-om/winterization.

Please contact the HOA for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Common Grounds matters or bring them up at our annual/semi-annual meetings.

Your Common Grounds committee is:
Leigh Ann Kudloff - Board Liaison
Vicky Pelton - Chair
Zaac Cook
Doreen Cumberford
Steve Dyer

Lawn Care Information
  • Lawn mowing is scheduled for every Wednesday. This may change if there are holidays or inclement weather.
  • Lawns must be kept free of clutter. Your property's lawn mowing may be skipped if there are toys, dog poop, hoses, or other items in the way.
  • The lawn care company will initially set up your irrigation system when it is switched on for the year in the spring.
    • Lawns are aerated during this time.
    • Throughout the summer, they may need to gain access to your irrigation system controls to make adjustments.
    • The HOA will send out notices about these points.
  • You—the property owner—are ultimately in control of your irrigation system. You are free to increase or decrease frequency of watering, but please remember:
    • Sprinkler heads that are defective or broken are the responsibility of the homeowner. Our landscaping company can fix them, but you will be billed individually for the work.
    • Please do not water the day of weekly lawn mowing (Wednesdays for 2018).
    • As per the water company, we suggest that you set your irrigation system to water early in the morning or late at night. This prevents evaporation waste and allows the water to soak in better.
    • Water no more than 3 days a week.
    • DO NOT allow water to pool in gutters or streets.
    • DO NOT waste water by allowing it to spray on concrete and rock beds.
    • DO NOT irrigate in rainy or windy conditions.
    • Be sure you water enough to keep your grass mostly green. We understand there may be circumstances beyond your control—such as drought restrictions, etc.—but please try to keep a neat lawn. The HOA will contact you about lawns that are dead or unsightly.
  • The lawn care company will apply herbicides to reduce weeds in your lawn. It may be necessary to pull weeds manually, but these should be minimal. If weeds seem to be getting out of hand, please let us know!
  • We encourage homeowners to apply fertilizers to their lawns. Many inexpensive options are available.
  • If you have pets, please be sure that you are watering enough to dilute any urine that may lead to brown spots or dead grass.