Design Review

The Design Review Committee is responsible for approval of all exterior improvements to resident homes. They meet as-needed to approve resident requests for all structural/aesthetic changes that are made to homes.

A few simple guidelines to keep in mind:
  • Replacing dead/unhealthy plants, trees, or shrubs on a resident's property with the same type of plant OR a plant on the this list is always approved and does not need to be submitted to the committee.
  • Garden boxes and pots are not monitored by the HOA and are up to the homeowner to maintain.
  • Any new plants, trees, shrubs, patios, paths, balconies, fences, retaining walls, or other permanent improvements to be added on a resident's property must receive DRC approval before moving forward.
  • Please refer to the CCRs for specific guidelines about improvements.
As always, please contact the HOA for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Design Review matters or bring them up at our annual/semi-annual meetings.

The CourseSide Design Review Committee is:
Vicki West - Board Liaison
Julie Krothkin - Chairperson
Juliette Hawa