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Approved Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Painting Guidelines:

Please see the list of approved paint colors with their accents below. Please do not mix/match palates; all colors must be chosen with their corresponding accent on the same line, otherwise it will require approval.

1. Residents may repaint their homes in existing colors or choose a new color from the DRC's pre-approved color palettes listed below without submitting a request to the HOA/DRC. No exceptions.
2. If a home owner wishes to choose a different color than is already on the home OR a color that is not on the pre-approved list, the DRC/HOA must be contacted for approval.  The DRC can be contacted HERE.
3. All trim must be white.
4. Do not choose a color similar to that of the homes directly around you. This is against the rules and is not allowed.
5. Garage doors must either match the body, or be painted white to match the trim.
6. Front entry doors may be different colors entirely. If the chosen color is on the approved list of colors, it does not require approval. If it is not on the approved list of colors, it must be approved through normal means. Note: it is suggested that front entry doors match the accent color chosen for a home.

Here is a key to describe what each color type corresponds to:
  • The BODY of a home refers to the siding that covers the majority of the exterior that is not stone.
  • The ACCENT colors can be applied to gable faces and areas where the home has differently textured (shake) siding.
  • The TRIM refers to all panels that border doors; windows and the differentiation between the BODY siding and the stone wainscoting. 
    • Decorative corbels (if applicable) also count as TRIM and must be painted as such.

*Note: Colors will vary online from what they look like in person. Please always consult your contractor or dealer for samples and larger color-matched swatches.

Colors By Collection

Southern Shores & Beaches

Body Accent
Banana Cream Roycroft Brass
Koi Pond Tea Chest
Dockside Blue Restoration Ivory
Cupola Yellow Wheat Penny

Other Approved Palates

Body Accent
Kendall Charcoal Nightfall

Other Approved Body Colors (no accent)



Extra White
Pure White